Friday, August 28, 2009

Magic Cat

This story is alamin I own, I had marveled at the Pus also (my cat).
So the story gini, Exactly half a year ago I was a cat in the same waste of my father,,,
Because Like a footprint trail ninggalin Cats! On my porch, so mau gimana lagi deh.
My heart sad tu, usually right after school directly meongin ni got quiet really.
My cat thrown into Instruction market, its distance of about 2 km from my house.
A year has passed, its right on my mom Saturday saw a cat standing in front of the fence of my house, my mama Keep my call immediately. Apparently when I see it
My cat was discharged a year ago! Wow! I was shocked and immediately approached. The famine also pus tu, trus directly deh I love food. But he came home to my house, aka the womb pregnant with bro,,, yaudahlah, finally he lived at home again with my ...
2 months have passed, the pussy litter trus coy! His 4th child! Sangar-sangar again,,,
Finally after 1 month of its submission as a child I was, hohoho ... but because it was already recalcitrant her children would finally disposed of again tu cat,, (T_T). yaudah gak deh no other option.
Trus pas I came home from school, her cat dimasukin directly into the trunk of the car, and immediately taken to a distance of Lhokseumawe markets approximately 5 km from the house I was.
Trus his son anank + The pus in the waste directly on the edge of the road (still sad).
Trus straight home. And it's tomorrow afternoon pussy've suddenly there was at my door, sitting down with the order.
Tu I'm surprised really, how could so he came home his distance 5 km from the house again + vehicle, + winding road. My father also can not do anything - anything else, the cat door was the most loyal creatures as his employer. Whether her how she could get to the house?
Gak tau deh,, I am amazed at the pussy,, steady pussy!! Klo can nyebrang island as well hehehe ...
I'm sorry kalo way gini penulisanku slightly stained, coz I'm still newbie in terms of writing, so your reply has the same experience or what to do with my story, you can share in the comments box,,, OK ..


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